Whilst working on my project “Not the Only Gay in the City“ I came to realise how I love to take portrait pictures of people, preferably men. Not only do I enjoy the act of taking pictures, but also the mutually shared moment, playing with photographic ideas and possibilities. Quite simply, it’s the joy of a photo shoot which is hopefully passed on to the model and then can ideally be seen in the picture at the end. In my life I spend a lot of time with people and would profess to being quite a social person with an ability to make others feel good. As it turns out, that has become a more useful skill than I had envisaged and it aids and supports my photography. However, photography is not just about the technique, but it’s give and take when model and photographer are together; it is a mutual understanding and willingness to get to know each other through the camera, and only when the chemistry between the two is working can good photos be created. For me, that is what makes photography fun and that is the part of photography that makes me happy.